You might be aware about my tech blog. I have hand-coded the theme and also designed it by heart. It’s like my 1st baby :).

TeckStack Earlier

If you are regular reader on my blog then you might have seen the earlier design of TeckStack.

enter image description here

As you could see, it was simple like other blogs having 2 column layout structure with responsive behavior. There wasn’t any issue with SEO, development quality or the design. I didn’t had a thought to place proper advertisement blocks for revenue purpose at that time as I was concentrating more on the content quality. I just wanted to look it nice and did in the same way.

After few months I felt something is lacking and I started thinking on it. Finally, after a year (approx), I decided to revamp it with the trendy and engaging index page.

Now it is 2016 and Google’s Material Design (MD) is the king today. So I will be still with Twitter Bootstrap for responsive grid system but the rest would be doing using MD.

Why I Decided to Revamp?

Below are primary goal to do so…

  • To gain readers engagement
  • To attract advertisers
  • To improve typography and overall content display flow

TeckStack Now

enter image description here

Although the theme yet not been developed at the fullest but I couldn’t wait for it to be completed. So I have launched partial theme to get user feedback from other bloggers and friends.

It’s live here. You are requested to provide me your inputs on the design, ad block sections, content, performance and everything.

Great suggestion makes better UI. Better UI makes effective web.

Thank you for reading standing by this post once agin. I will be updating this post frequently as per development and implementation goes.

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