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I am Kushal Jayswal and this page would give the information about me, as a person in personal & professional life.

I am Inspired by the Music

TL;DR I am a peaceful person by nature and truely inspired by music. I used to compose and remix tracks in my college days. You can find some of copositions and music taste on Soundcloud. Below is my all time favourite coposition.

When I talk about music, I never forget 3 people, who keeps me inspired all the time: 1. Ronak R. 2. A. R. Rahman 3. Yaani


I always wanted to be a creative person in my life. But due to some family priorities, I couldn’t follow my 1st dream of being a music composer. Finally, I added Master in Computer Applications (MCA) in 2011 from Gujarat University followed by Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) in 2007 again from Gujarat University.


But still I was attached with the “creativity”. Visual things atrracted me more in those cool days. I decided to move into Web Design field rather than to core development. I worked with many big brands as a freelance UI expert.

After some years, I decided to see my luck in full-time job. Today, I am working with a raputed company in India as a UI Consultant. It has been around 4 years doing full-time and I got overall 8 years of experience working as a Web Designer, Frontend Developer, WordPress, Liferay and Magento Theme Developer. I am also comfortable with Photoshop. (I will update my CV on this site soon.)

Personal Life

I leave with my wife in India. I got married after 6 years of long relationship with a smart and beatiful lady of my life - Kinjal Mehta. The January 29, 2012 was a lucky day, when I officially announced as a husband (blushing)! In 2016, we have completed 10 years in a single boat. I really love her a lot and cannot expect my life without her.

Talking about my family, I am lucky to have a younger brother - Deval Jayswal, who is wonderful photographer by passion and professionaly too. He also has completed M.Sc.IT & BCA as academics but he is more crazy than me! You can visit his portfolio website and get the idea of his work. He does all kind of photography like wedding, pre-wedding, maternity, candid, etc. but his main focus is in the nature, abstarct, astro and many more wiered photgraphy that even I (personally) cannot think of :).

My parents are very caring and sweet. My mother - Dixita Jayswal is a smart home maker with great speciality of dilicious food. My father - Sunil Jayswal is working as a Financial Advisor and connected with LIC, GIC like companies from last 27 years. You should contact him”) if you need an investment planner to save some tax.

About This Site

This site will always be under development because I use to update the code & design timely. KJAYZ.com is built upon Jekyll, which is static page generator that means it doen’t require a database to maintain dynamic pages and posts. Initially I had a plan to develop the same on WordPress but I already have a nice tech blog developed on WordPress, so I learned new way to create a fully dynamic site without much hussle.

Contact me

You can follow me on my online profiles and network showing at the bottom of this screen OR if you are on a small screen you can find links at the top, under “Social” navigation.

I would like to hear from people. So if you have anything for me to share, don’t hasitate. You can shoot me an email mentioned below:

[email protected]

Thanks for taking interest to read this page.

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