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My Son Had to Pass Through Open Heart Surgery

2016-10-21 Jash

We all were so excited to hear crying noise of a newborn baby at KANAN MATERNITY AND NURSING HOME, Usmanpura. It was c-section, so there was mix feeling of excitement and fear!

All of a sudden, nurse came out with a smiling face from OT (Operation Theater) and put a small baby over my arms. I literally cried at that moment and that was one of the best feeling, can’t be explained in words :)

It was the auspicious day of the Rakhi (August 18, 2016), we blessed with a baby boy. A true blessing for me, my wife Kinjal and the whole family.

Everything was smooth, happy and exciting!

As a part of a regular process, all the nursing home called external pediatric expert to check whether a baby is normal or not. The same happened in my case too. The pediatrician was Dr. Rajesh K. Parikh from MATRUCHHAYA CHILDREN HOSPITAL & SURGICAL NURSING HOME. As parents, we usually put our trust if someone recommended by the main doctor and we did the same. We decided to continue with the same pediatrician suggested by Dr. Kanan Vyas (who operated the delivery of my wife).

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