Launched My Personal Site (

August 31, 2015

Although all pages are not ubpdated with the content yet. I am eager to launch my new personal site. And if you are reading this post then you found it and you’re welcome :).

How it all started?

I was planning from long to develop a personal site, where I can publish my thoughts, work and work-in-progress. At that time, I had decided to go with WordPress (as I am more comfortable with it), but latter I decided to adopt Jekyll.

Why Jekyll?

Jekyll is superb framework, which allows you to create a dynamic site with static pages. You don’t have to spend a penny for hosting. You can simply create a base directory with and start deploying your site with Github pages with no cost.

Published with HTTPS

As per Google’s latest algorythm update, the domain HTTPS will be given more priority for the ranking. So I decided to move with HTTPS. Also HTTPS means all data between user and me, communicated with encrypted socket. I don’t know much on this but there is nothing wrong to Google and gain the knowledge a bit :).

In Progress

As mentioned in the start, the site has launched but yet not complete. I am creating the pages and working on the best suitable design yet. So you are welcome, if you anything to say. Connect with me socially or shoot an email available on the site.