Using @AngularCLI with Cloud9 IDE

2017-07-05 JavaScript

(The word “Angular” refers to Angular 2 or greater version.)

I had to migrate a project from AngularJS (1.x) to Angular (4.x). For the purpose, I had to create a quick demo that can be accessible to client so that they can review and provide feedback instantly.

I am frequent user of Cloud 9 IDE.

What is Cloud9/C9 IDE

C9 is a cloud based code editor and everything you need for development purpose. It also allows code to be synced from Github and Bitbucket. I love WordPress and found C9 very handy for demonstrating purpose. You can save numbers of FREE/PUBLIC projects online and can run from anywhere and though any device. I am personally very big fan of C9.

Using Cloud9 for @Angular/CLI

Node Version Issue

C9 has Nodejs 4.x by default installed and that’s using NVM. I am not much familiar with NVM as I download Nodejs from official Nodejs site to install it in my PC but NVM provides easy way to switch between different Nodejs versions.

@Angular/cli required Node 6.9.0 or higher. So it gave error while tried to run ng serve.

I looked around into the IDE configuration and preferences but couldn’t find any solution. Then I found very simple way to upgrade NVM to the latest version. I eagerly ran below command and that made my life easy :)

nvm install 6.11.0

Now ng command can be accessed inside Cloud9 IDE.

Note: You need to run above command each time you open a project from C9 Dashboard.

Cloud 9 IDE V/s Localhost

Could 9 is a web based IDE, which has it’s own IP address. That obviosuly doesn’t understand localhost:8080.

I tried out many ways but the simplest one is to update package.json. Replace,

"scripts": {
    "start": "ng serve",


"scripts": {
    "start": "ng serve --host --port 8080  --public $C9_HOSTNAME",

You might have noticed --public $C9_HOSTNAME. This is to avoid invalid host error.

With all above configuration, your project is good to run.

To run your app and preview in browser do as directed in below screenshot. Angular CLI

Happy Coding :)

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