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2018-01-05 Angular

Being into full time employment you may have many hurdles to explore new skills. And it is even more challenging if you are a father of an infant :). But somehow learning cool thing is a feel good factor and we should continue doing so.

This is very first article in Angular 4 series and we are going to run journey on developing Angular app from scratch.

If you have any suggestion or willing to write on something interesting, you’re most welcome. Please hit this link…

Let’s try to be comfortable with NG now :)

Terminology – Angular and AngularJS

There are few popular terms that people used to point out to Angular. Let’s not get confused more and stay informed while discussing about NG to others, based on available versions:

  1. NG (sounds like Angular that doesn’t refer to any version)
  2. Angular (refers to Angular 2 or later versions)
  3. Angular JS (refers to very 1st or 1.x version)

Is Angular for Me?

Before you start learning Angular, let’s check your comfort level.

Please ask below questions to yourself…

  1. Do you know the term *Angular*?

    • If yes, then you must know the JavaScript
    • If no, you should gain at least basic knowledge of JavaScript concepts first. That will be helpful to understand Angular even more easily
    • Then you can gradually move to learn ES and Typescript. But these two are advanced concept and not required to start learning Angular
  2. Are you familiar with AngularJS?

    • If yes, you have better understanding on the conceptual structure on how Angular works. We will see shortly :)
    • If no, don’t worry! To learn Angular, you don’t need to understand version 1 or AngularJS. Angular has many positive changes comparing to AngularJS and that can be learned without referring to version 1.x.
  3. Do you have experience working on Frontend or UI development project?

    • If yes, welcome! Learning Angular will be add on to your skill.
    • If no, no problem. You can still start learning Angular and if you stuck somewhere put comment below and I will try to answer them at the earliest.
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