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Github API for Gist

Being a developer, if you keep log of important code on Gist, this might be useful to listdown all gist code links

Let's Angular - Angular 4 Series

2018-01-05 Angular
Being into full time employment you may have many hurdles to explore new skills. And it is even more challenging if you are a father of an infant :). But somehow learning cool thing is a feel good factor and we should continue doing so. This is very first article in Angular 4 series and we are going to run journey on developing Angular app from scratch. If you have any suggestion or willing to write on something interesting, you’re most welcome. Continue reading

AngularJS - ngIf Vs. ngShow

2017-05-16 JavaScript

At a first look, ng-if and ng-show seems logically very similar except one major difference.

ngShow (or ng-show)

ng-show will be generating the whole element at a time of rendering a web page. However, it will be hidden the element using angular class in case of false condition.

In simple words, the element, where the ng-show has been declared over that will be available on a web page (including its child elements) and can be seen by removing angular specific class that hides them.

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